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NFT Project Details

2) The second Crypto is Zombie Cash (ZOMS). It sprouts up like a Bitcoin as an alternative to another currency we will develop the third (3) Chicago Dollar (Chi). Zoms would have a low initial value like DOGE for several reasons. Within the story, all the characters want to become at least a Zombie-Aire having monetized a million dollars worth of Zombies.

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Whatsapp number: +92 308 6972493

In the Pre ICO sale I’m going to offer the coin in packages: $20 – 100,000 Zoms, Cost Each: .0002, $50 – 300,000 zoms, Cost Each: .00016, $75 – 500,000 Zoms Cost Each: .00015. $100 – 1,000,000 Zoms, Zombie-Aire cost each.0001. Further, I want this coin easily mineable on PC’s. The goal is to keep people involved in the webisode watching it and doing activities motivated by it, which generates interest in the webisodes and the other projects promoted within the webisode and giving me more leverage for future monetizing future projects. This coin would be open-ended with a huge issuance amount. It is a collectible, but also a novelty, something to introduce a lot of people to the world of crypto and mining. Also, when the movie or series promoted by the webisodes is released the Token will get a spike and more interest along with more spikes for sequels. and other news worthy things Also, as I mentioned earlier this also ties into another currency the Chicago Dollar (Chi) I’ll issue with regard to the webisodes, which also will be mineable. But it also serves as a marketing tool to encourage more Tokens to Be Issued for other cities and regions like New York and Lizard Lick, North Carolina. As a baby Crypto wanting to grow up to a digital Yuan what’s an optimal initial issuance size? There are more currencies tied to the film to promote other types of things, but these are the first three we’ll tackle. For my personal wallet, I’m holding back 25% for myself and 10% to be distributed to cast, crew, those who worked on the project. Any suggestions?