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Quencies Mission

To create a secure, transparent and fair peer to peer digital asset marketplace for creators, collectors and investors. Users will be able to upload their digital assets such as art, animation, music videos and music files. Quencies are paving a fairer way for sellers to sell their assets. We will aim to be the preferred supplier of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and RCAs (rare collectible assets) for all the stakeholders around the world. Many artists of different industries are new the digital asset era. Quencies will endeavour to become an inclusive platform by inviting and training people of all genders, ages, background, cultures and nationalities.

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Our System

We aim to use the latest blockchain technologies using the highly knowledge developers to ensure we build a secure marketplace. This is a sneak preview of a digital asset listing and both sellers and buyers can view the statistics of the digital asset they are viewing. We want all creators to be able to offer their digital assets on the platform and will make it very simple for users to list their assets easily and quickly. Quencies believe that blockchain marketplaces should be accessible to all users from around the world and this is exactly what we will build.

The Future

The work at Quencies does not stop at the ground-breaking marketplace but we aim to launch our own social media app on the blockchain. Digital asset creators, owners, users and sellers will be able to use our social media mobile application to highlight their NFTs to others. Users of the mobile application will be able to like, follow, share and comment on the work or the possessions of the NFTs. The social media application will also be the future medium where cryptocurrency enthusiast, blockchain specialists and asset managers will be able to interact on a daily basis. Furthermore we are in talks with celebrities, film studios across Great Britain, USA and India to ensure we can provide licensed NFTs

Que Token Metrics

Quencies token is called QUE and it is a utility token and the primary function of our token is to exchange it for exciting digital assets. QUE will initially be entertained on our own Quencies marketplace but later will be integrated within the Quencies social media mobile application. The QUE token will be available from different exchanges and the names of the exchanges will be highlighted on our social media platforms such as Medium.com, Telegram and Twitter.

Our Promises

Through the availability of licensed NFTs and a blistering array of digital assets, we operate in a dynamic and seamless Blockchain technology. Our promise is to provide quick, secure and fair peer to peer transactions that are available to everyone all over the world. Plus, our users will be ecstatic to note that our token value increases over time. Therefore, you have a plethora of digital assets as well as a token that appreciates


We assure our users that all information and transactions are confidential. There is no third party that can steal your assets or personal information.


Users can property trace their transactions without any hassle. We provide ample evidence of how the digital assets are being transacted and a comprehensive listing of the available digital assets.


User transactions stay intact without changing. Non-upgradable contracts offer users consistency that builds trust in the community.


Everyone is equal regardless of the location. We foster a community that thrives on equality and easy interaction with one another.

100% Buyback

This is where we want to bring in the cryptocurrency enthusiast into the world of digital collectibles. Users can use crypto to buy-back the Que token which makes experience more fulfilling for them.


We partner with the best Hollywood and Bollywood film studios and celebrities to make Licensed NFTs available for our users. Also, various reputable exchanges will have the token so that crypto enthusiasts and other stakeholders can get the Que.


This is just the beginning of Quencies. The ecosystem ofQuencies will be evolved. We are a team of passionate developers who aim to raise the standard of DEFI.

Inhouse designers

A team of experienced designers will be working with Bollywood, Hollywood, celebrities and social media influencers to make exclusive digital assets.


A range of NFTs will be given as prizes to our community members.

Social media platform

Keep in touch with other NFT holders, give and get inspiration and share the love with our own social media platform.

Staking QUE coins

3% of the sell transactions will be given to the people who staked. There is no fee for the buy transactions!

Our team

Quencies management and development team combine a passion for finance, banking and technology, years of industry experience, invaluable networks and connections, and proven record in start-ups, finance, development, marketing, and compliance.

Jayne Brocklesby

CEO, Co-Founder

Tariq Amini

COO, Co-Founder

Yousuf Dangra

Blockchain developer

Molly Brian

Finance Manager

Joan Peters

Marketing Manager

Mubashir Qayyum

Lead Designer

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